Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Already?

Oh wow, how did it get to be Friday ALREADY?!?!?!

I have tons of things I'd like to blog about, but I am in mortgage application paperwork hell (which level did Dante put that on, does anyone know?) and we are nearing the end of the 10 day due diligence period on the home we hope to purchase.

The inspection came out fine, though I am learning all about lead and asbestos and wondering how in the world anyone survived before the year 1979. Probably I have permanent damage simply due to the fact I was born in 1970 and absolutely had no alternative but to live in dwellings constructed before 1979.

But this is all progress toward the goal, and I'm feeling pretty good. And we are doing our tax stuff THIS WEEKEND (right, Brendan?) which will help accomplish another 2012 goal (and hopefully garner us an early refund check to help pay for all of this house business). And I'm starting the new CrossFit program at my gym tomorrow, which is ANOTHER goal. Did I mention I started a new knitting project, too?

Little by little, across many fronts, I'm getting there. I hope I'll have more blogging time next week. Have a great weekend!

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Jenn, I think they are developing a new, darker and deeper level of Hell for the mortgage application business. We have purchases three properties since we have been married, but last the mortgage application was in 2006, before the bubble burst. When we sold the house purchased in 2002, we immediately paid that house off. Last year, we applied for a HELOC on that paid-off house. The amount applied for was about a quarter of our total equity. Nonetheless, we went through hell--including trying to find out why our insurance never paid on a claim for an emergency room visit in 2003! We had been through that one when we bought the house in the first place!(Apparently the doctor's LLC never billed our insurance. And nobody ever billed us. And now the LLC is out of business. Wonder why?) I thought that before I was done, I was going to have to put up my first born, even though the house is worth far more than the money we wanted to borrow. I swear, by my life and love of it, I will never purchase property using a mortgage again. If we cannot work out an REC, we'll pass! Fortunately we were able to purchase some land for sale adjacent to our ranch on an REC. People will do almost anything to avoid banks these days!

Anyway, good luck with it all! Once this is over, paying your taxes will seem like a breeze. . .