Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Size 6 is the New Plus-Size

Sheesh already. The video really says it all:

I am someone who has always struggled with body image and weight and have, at the age of 41, only just now fixed some of the errors I've made, inside my head and outside. As someone who has been plus-size in the past, it's just hysterical to me that, in some circles, size 6 is now considered plus-size. Even with vanity sizing running rampant, that's what--a old size 8 or 10? Sheesh.

I will never be "skinny," not by these standards. And screw these standards anyway. They aren't mine. I will be--and already am even though I still have some fat to lose--healthy and strong. I think I will be focusing more on my lifting numbers instead scale numbers or that useless, pointless BMI number. (Lifting numbers are more fun to pay attention to anyway--did you know I recently did a 115# clean and jerk? And I've got more in me, too!)

And I plan to keep taking my kids with me to CrossFit semi-regularly, so they will get to see lots of good examples of what the healthy bodies of real people can and do look like.

H/T Crystal


Theresa Ryder said...

Scary stuff, but my teen daughter was mostly intrigued with the CrossFit stuff at the beginning. She's never going to be a size 6, since she's related to me and her dad. Once,when I was younger, I exercised and starved myself down to insurance chart weight. I had so little body fat that it hurt to sit-- my pelvic bones were hitting the chair. And I was still a size 10/12, mostly a 12. People often sneer when we say "big boned", but some of us really are. Our skeletons wouldn't fit in a size 6!

Miranda Barzey said...

The body standards set by fashion are totally ridiculous. The emphasis on tall, wiry, skinny to the point of starvation look is a fantasy, and a terrible one at that. If we can recognize that those images are completely divorced from reality in terms of health and aesthetics, we'd save ourselves a lot of grief and self-loathing.

It's inspiring that you are trying to reset your standards of what beauty is and embrace something better than skinny- strong. Your strength, your curves, your perseverance to better health (physical and mental), and your dedication to your children are all wonderful. And they all make you sexy as hell.

KPOM said...

I was curious if you saw and/or had any reaction to this piece in Saturday's Wall Street Journal about French parenting methods.

While I'm not a parent, I can see a few parallels to PD, though I also acknowledge some significant differences. Perhaps the best solution is a blend. What do you think?