Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Already?!?!?!


Since last we met, this intrepid blogger has managed to get all of the paperwork to the mortgage company (minus one last thing I'm waiting for a copy of), exchanged a dozen emails with the realtor about the new house, nearly completed the books for the cabin business, balanced all the checkbooks, attended four sessions of my new CrossFit training program (to be henceforth referred to as "CrossFit Badass," thanks, Kelly!), chauffeured various children to various activities as per our usual routine, danced and sang like a crazy person at a showing of Mamma Mia! at a friend's house, went to the first ATLOS Happy Hour of 2012, and even managed to visit the grocery store once or twice.

I. am. busy.

And tired. CrossFit Badass is taking a lot out of me. I was told to expect this at the beginning, and I was not misled. I'm enjoying it a lot, and trying to figure out how to pace myself while I adjust to the increased volume and frequency. And I also have to adjust to getting in to the gym at 6am (OMG YES! 6-FREAKING-AM!!!!) three (OMG YES! THREE!!!!) days a week, because that's the only way I can participate in CrossFit Badass and still make sure these kids around here have adequate adult supervision at all times. Totally worth it. I think.

Our contract on the new house was binding as of Tuesday, so barring any kind of underwriting disaster (which I'm now officially worrying about because, you know, I have to worry about something), it looks like we will indeed be closing at the end of February. This is a fact that my brain has accepted, but my mind and whole self--notsomuch. But it's really happening. Less than six weeks away!

Is it any wonder I've begun procrastinating packing already? I am actually planning to begin packing today because I inherited some moving boxes from a friend of mine who recently moved and this seems like as good a reason as any to get started. And oh! I can't WAIT to get rid of lots of stuff, too. This is a decluttering opportunity of a lifetime!

We are excited about the move, but many of us have mixed feelings about it. And it will be bittersweet. I have lived in this actual house for nearly 13.5 years--the longest I've ever lived in one dwelling in my entire life. (The previous record was 5 years.) The younger two don't seem to care too much (and Sean has no real idea of what's going on at all, I don't think, and it's strange to know that he'll have few, if any, memories of his first home).

But Ryan is feeling this, and it's been difficult sometimes. Though he perked up a bit yesterday when I mentioned that we will be living right in an area where there were for certain Union and Confederate troops walking around all over the place, and even shooting at each other some. There is a small battle/skirmish marker is just around the corner from the new place. So I suspect he'll be resurrecting his metal detector in short order once we're there for good. :)

So I hope to be blogging a bit more regularly soon. I have ever so many great blog post ideas, I really do.

What's new with you? :)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Mazel tov on all you have accomplished! Fingers and toes crossed, no matter how irrational that is, that the underwriting process goes smoothly. But remember, most of us run into small snags--I had to produce my passport because I had remarried and changed my last name--and still close on time.

Kevin McAllister said...

Just thought of a packing tip for you since you're moving. We did it and it was so worth it. We bought a notebook and numbered the boxes, then as we finished each box we wrote a quick one line summary in the notebook of what was in the box. And what room that box was supposed to go in when we got there.

It was awesome to be able to find important things, like the remote, or the bottle opener when we were avoiding emptying the boxes.