Monday, February 13, 2012

ATLOSCon Update

Guess what? ATLOSCon 2012 has its very own Facebook page!

We'll be posting updates about our conference there over the next few months. We'll also have updates on our new-and-improved website just as soon as I can get that updated. Which will hopefully be today or tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

Just so you know, ATLOSCon 2012 will start on the evening of Thursday, May 24 and will run through the afternoon of Monday, May 28. The classes will be held at the same location as last year, in Woodstock, a northwest suburb of the ATL. We'll have fun social events sprinkled throughout the city (that's a fun image, isn't it? The sprinkling of events, I mean.).

So be sure to LIKE our Facebook page and share it with your friends!

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