Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parenting Thought of the Moment

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (you should!), you'll know that I often post the funny questions and amusing statements I receive from my kids. Today, I'm going to quote myself (or paraphrase). I said this to some of my homeschooling friends this afternoon:

"You know how I always say that 'obedience is not a virtue?' Well as far as I can tell I'm doing a really good job of getting that point across to my kids."

It was something like that. And I'm glad I said it, because we all chuckled and in that moment, I remembered really WHY I do not want to train up my children to obey me.

This is a good thing. Sometimes I need a little reminder because this is a difficult principle to stick to sometimes.

But really--I don't want trained up automatons or mindless drones. Not really. Right?

No, not really.

And so I'm very glad that there is NOT A CHANCE IN HELL that I will end up with any of those obedient types.


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