Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ATLOSCon 2012 Speakers and Classes

In case you missed this, we posted a list of classes and speakers for ATLOSCon 2012 last week!

You can click over to our web page, or I can just save you the trouble and list them here. I think I'll do that:

The Blind Leading the Blind: Music in Modern Culture Jordan Alexander

Environmentalism Ken Andrews

Panel discussion and Q & A on Exercise Ken Andrews, Jenn Casey, Tori Press, Diana Hsieh

The Mortal Flaw in the U.S. Constitution: It Isn’t What You Think & It Can Be Healed Stephen Bailey

The Importance and Value of Personal Style Miranda Barzey

Growing Up Objectivist: Part 2 Antonio Barzey and Miranda Barzey

The Ethics of Using Government Services and Employment: A Discussion Aaron Bilger

Exploring Ayn Rand’s Theory of Concepts Stephen Bourque

Economics For People Who Don't Understand Economics: We're All Peopleguys Now Brendan Casey

Temperament Traits: Effective Communication Includes Taking the Metaphysically-Given Into Account Jenn Casey and Kelly Elmore

Design Thinking Tim Cheadle and Tori Press

Politics and Current Events Discussion: Presidential Election Edition John Cox

What’s So Darn Special About Firefly?: An Analysis and Guided Discussion Kelly Elmore

Using the Mistaken Goal Chart in Positive Discipline Parenting Kelly Elmore and Jenn Casey

The Selfish Society: Why People Fear It and What We Can Do About It Kyle Haight

Forgiveness, Redemption, and the Virtue of Justice Diana Hsieh

Philosophy in Action Workshop Diana Hsieh

Maintaining Rational Optimism Paul Hsieh

Controversial Topics in Gun Rights and Self-Defense Paul Hsieh

The Method of Invention Atul Kapur

Israeli Dancing Rachel Miner

Romantic “Extras” Rachel Miner

Getting Things Done (GTD) Rachel Miner

Introduction to Firearms Safety Ryan Moore

Style and Individualism in Modern Architecture Earl Parson

Ortega and Rand: A Comparison William Perry

The History and Science of Five Classic Cocktails Tori Press and Trey Peden

Adapting to Change: Up-skilling for Happiness Maggie Roberts

Sexual Attraction and Fantasy: A Philosophical Exploration Jason Stotts

Video Games and the Joy of Living Charles Tew

OHomos Q & A: All I Ever Needed to Know About Homosexuality I Learned In This Panel Tom Varik, William Green, Earl Parson, Trey Peden

Nurturing Persistence Amanda Vogel

Paper Money vs. Gold, Part I: The Problem Keith Weiner

Paper Money vs. Gold, Part 2: The Solution Keith Weiner

Getting Better at Solving Crossword Puzzles Stella Daily Zawistowski

We'll be updating our ATLOSCon 2012 page on our website as well as our ATLOSCon 2012 Facebook page (Like Us! Like Us!) as plans get solidified. We are working on the registration stuff now, so that should be up pretty soon. Stay tuned!

I think this will be the best conference yet! Thanks to Kelly and all of the ATLOS peopleguys and our speakers who are working super hard to put everything together.

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Rory said...

I think the Ortega and the Ohomos are the two big highlights here! :D