Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home and Homeless

Well, we did it. We, and the vast majority of our crap stuff, are now all in our new house. These last few days have simultaneously been the longest and quickest days EVER.

Everything really went smoothly, and I now have a sense of where all of our crap stuff is going to go in the new house. Only, we decided that we really do need some new carpet stat, so we'll be in limbo for the next week or so while we get that sorted out. I know, I know. Please believe me when I say that this new emergency carpet is 110% necessary. Those who've seen (and smelled) the current carpet can verify this.

I have the best in-laws ever, who came down and worked worked worked in the old house, and then worked worked worked in the new house. It was wonderful and yet I wish we'd had more time to just hang out and visit.

So now we have two (three, really, if you count the cabin, and I do) houses, but neither really feels like home. The old house, which we visited this afternoon, no longer feels like home, having been emptied of (most of) our crap stuff. It was kind of sad, and Ryan especially has had a lot of sad feelings about all of this. Me, too. It's all bittersweet.

And this new house doesn't yet feel like home. I know from experience (by the time I was Ryan's age, I'd moved about 7 or 8 times) that this new house will one day become home. But it takes time to settle in and get used to new things, and develop a new routine. So we'll get there, but we're not there yet. And we all feel a little homeless, which is not a fun feeling.

Maybe it's because I've done this before, and maybe it's because the decision to move was mine and Brendan's (instead of being a helpless kid who really has no say in such matters), and maybe it's because we picked out a house we thought would suit us well. Or maybe it's really just being a grownup in general, but I can already sense that feeling of home developing.

I love pulling into our new driveway (and I'm certain that one day I will be able to turn around in it without running over a flower bed).

I love the space we have, inside and out, to just be.

I love the flowers that are awakening everywhere.

I love the way our furniture already matches the dark wood trim and accents in the house (wallpaper and crazy paint colors notwithstanding).

I love the quiet now that we are a bit farther from the highway (though that has its disadvantages, too).

I love love love our screened-in porch in the back, where we've eaten dinner every night since Saturday, watching the sunset and talking late into the dark.

So yeah. Two houses, feeling a bit homeless. But not for too long, I think.

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