Monday, March 12, 2012

It Finally Happened

So anyway, on Friday, we actually closed on the new house! Can you believe it? Neither can I, almost.

I am dying to write up the details of the Fraudulent Scamming Bad Guys before I forget them. But I fear it might have to wait a bit longer, due to an extreme case of The Busy.

We moved two UHaul truckloads to the new place this weekend, and while it seemed like a lot of work to actually do, I'm dismayed that it hardly appears that we've made any kind of dent in all of the things we have to move. Still, I think it was money and time well-spent, because that will cut down on the amount the mover peopleguys will move for us. They are arriving Saturday morning.

I have to say that nearly 18 months of CrossFit has MORE than adequately prepared me for lifting and carrying boxes up and down staircases for hours on end. I'm not even sore today, except for my foot, which I hurt when I tripped/slipped on a piece of sidewalk chalk in the garage. Nothing serious, but if not for that, I wouldn't be feeling any pain at all today. And that is nothing short of AWESOME!

Speaking of CrossFit, I made it through the Open WOD 12.3 on Friday morning before the house closing, with 200 reps, which was a bit more than I thought I could do! The fact that I could get through the first three WODs as prescribed is nothing short of amazing to me. I'm sure my luck won't hold out much longer though, as there are still two more WODs and anything that includes numerous pull ups, dips, or double unders (I can do these, but not very many, or consistently), or any muscle-ups or rope climbs (I can do these not at all) will mean a terribly low score. But my Perfectionism Monster must be on vacation, or terrified of me or something, since somehow this doesn't even bother me. I'm having way too much fun doing the Open to be bothered by perfectionism stuff.

Back to the move. The kids seem excited for the most part. I know from experience (we moved a LOT when I was a kid) that moving is tough, so we are helping the kids (mainly the older two) work through some emotions about it. For example, it just hit Morgan that after we sell the old house, we won't get to swim in the neighborhood pool any more. That was a bit of a shock for her, poor thing. We're hoping to sell this house as fast as possible, but we do at least plan to keep coming to the pool until we sell it, so we will probably have a few more pool trips ahead of us.

The new house is being cleaned tomorrow and homeschool co-op starts up again on Wednesday and my in-laws are arriving on Thursday and moving is Saturday. And I am still planning to keep up with my CrossFit schedule and Morgan's gymnastics schedule as usual. Plus with the packing packing packing up here. So I might not see you for a while.

I'm tentatively planning a Come And See, We Finally Got Our New House party for April 7, so if you're in town, you're invited! My friends have been so supportive and helpful during this process, especially those who listened to my tales of the ever-increasing level of WTFery and sympathized and watched my kids and gave us moving boxes and are planning to come and help me organize (you all know who you are). So I think we all need to celebrate this achievement together! :)

I'll try to check in this week, but if I don't, assume that I am very busy cleaning or packing something, or lifting something heavy.

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Katie Davis said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations, Jenn!