Friday, March 02, 2012


This video is for everyone who (with good reason, because he's usually quiet and/or up my butt when we're out in public) disbelieves me when I claim that Sean is a One Man Noise Machine Insane Talker In Love With The Sound Of His Own Voice And Who Takes Strongly After His Brother Before Him.

Ha! I just thought of a new nickname for him--Michigan J. Frog. Since he usually only does this crazy stream-of-consciousness talking thing when it's just us family around him. :P

I took it with my phone (which is why the picture is in a big tall rectangle) while we were waiting in gymnastics yesterday:

Stay with it--it gets funnier after the first couple of minutes, especially when he gives us the title of his next story, about 4 minutes in. The story, which I might transcribe at some point, is mostly about Angry Birds and the decorations on the wall in the little waiting area. Later, he'd go on to incorporate ninjas and spies into his story.

I love that his storytelling is active and moving and action-packed. It's very Sean. He continued on in this fashion for another 45 minutes, stopping only when I forced a potty break on him. He actually broke a sweat at one point. Ten minutes before class was out, Ryan joined in, too, the battery having run out on my iPad. So I had two boys chattering at me nonstop without breathing for ten minutes.

That's my boy.