Monday, March 05, 2012

What's What

I've been neglecting the blog something fierce these days, so you might assume it's because we are busy closing and moving into our new house, right?

Sadly, you'd be wrong.

We have yet to close on the new house, due to some spectacular WTFery that began two weeks ago. I will write more about the details of it later (I'm dying to find out how the story ends!). Let's just say Fraudulent Scamming Bad Guys and leave it at that for now.

So for two weeks, everything has been in crazy upheaval! Are we moving? Are we moving soon? Not at all? All of a sudden? Should we keep packing? Should we unpack? Call the utility companies and cancel? Look at other houses?

Too many questions without answers and most of it not within our control = stressed out, unproductive Jenn.

But really, this hasn't been a complete waste of two weeks. Not really! We've completed session 3 at our homeschool co-op and hung out with friends. Yesterday, we went for a fun hike with friends from ATLOS. The kids have been reading like crazy, all three of them. Yes, Ryan is now reading and enjoying fiction for pleasure. I never thought I'd see the day! He generally keeps a book or two in the car and that's what he does when we're in transit somewhere. Both older kids are also on a serious Calvin and Hobbes kick, and there's nothing wrong with that, either!

Morgan's head is full of Birthday Things, as her birthday at the end of the month will kick off four months of birthdays for our family. She's having her party at the gymnastics center. (Did I mention she was recently bumped up a level at gymnastics? Well she was! She is having the best time at gymnastics.) Mr. Sean is reading up a storm (well, for a little guy) and is branching out into addition and subtraction, too. I tell you, homeschooling is fascinating stuff, watching and helping them figure these things out.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention here: I finally got an unassisted pull up! (Kipping, but still.) The very same day we learned about the HouseWTFery, actually. It's weird to hit the heights of achievement on the same day you were in the depths of despair. :)

This pull up was something I truly believed was absolutely beyond my reach when I first started CrossFit. And two weeks ago I pulled off four of them! (And caused a ruckus in the gym, too.) And I've done a few here and there since, just to prove to myself that it wasn't a fluke. So. Pull ups. I got 'em! I worked SO HARD and for SO LONG and I finally got 'em. What a great feeling, to have achieved something that I'd previously considered impossible. And I'm pleased to report that my dead-hang pull ups are coming along nicely.

I've also been competing in the CrossFit Games Open (82 burpees and 60 snatches, both of which I'm pretty pleased with) and keeping up with the Outlaw programming, too. AND I've been hitting PRs at the gym, too--on Saturday, I got a 125# clean and jerk! That was 5# more than my best clean and 10# more than my best jerk. The best part is that it felt good and not-too-hard, so I think I can go higher pretty soon. I decided to stop at 125# though, figuring it's best to end on a high note. It's hard to do though--my goal-oriented self always wants to keep pushing those numbers. But the rest of myself reminds me that I need to take things one achievement at a time.

So yeah, not a complete waste of a couple of weeks. Not by a long shot. It's still been difficult to get going with any of our plans for the immediate future, but having lots of ongoing things in the present helps my mind and stress level.

And I'm hoping to report that we'll have closed on our house some time later this week. So stay tuned!

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Lady Baker said...

"And I'm hoping to report that we'll have closed on our house some time later this week. So stay tuned!"

I'm hoping the same thing for me! Fingers crossed that we both have goofy, happy grins on our faces by next week... at least until the moving process starts :)