Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What's What!

There's too much to 'splain, so I will sum up.

  • We acquired some furniture and other things (like a tent!) from some friends who are moving out of town (weep). This is great, only it's all sitting outside on the porch because we can't bring it in the house yet because the new carpet isn't coming until Thursday.
  • The previous owner's pool table will be leaving tomorrow. I think. He hasn't called me yet to verify this. Thankfully, this pool table lives in a room that will not be getting new carpet on Thursday. 
  • New carpet happens on Thursday.
  • Various other inspections and maintenance stuff happens tomorrow and Thursday. Like new carpet (did I mention that?).
  • Would love the names of good electrician peopleguys around here--got any suggestions?
  • Even though we haven't moved all the furniture into the house really (hooray for tarps and very little rain), we have still managed to strew a lot of our crap all over the place and the next two days will be spent by me--and the minions kids--de-strew-ifying. Because, new carpet on Thursday!
  • Whoever planted these pretty flowers all over the yard really knew what they were doing. I'm terrified I'm going to kill them.

  • It's hard to convince some banks that you have really moved to a new address, and surprisingly easy to convince the driver's license bureau that you have really moved to a new address. (So easy, in fact, that if I were a different person with a different moral code, it would make for a really amusing April Fool's prank.)
  • I can't find my homeschool "attendance" (yes that begs scare quotes) records and my paperwork is due. I wonder how easy it will be to convince the Cobb County Home Study Office that we have really moved to a new address.
  • An upside to moving--I have never EVER been this caught up on laundry ever in my life. I went into the (enormous) laundry room yesterday to start up a load: AND THE LAUNDRY BASKET WAS EMPTY. I was so startled, I went and did the dishes instead.
  • We have so much to do still at the old house, I want to weep. Seriously, it's paralyzing.
  • I haven't weighed myself in over two weeks because the scale is still at the old house.  I have no clue how much I weigh and I feel FREE. Maybe I weigh less than I did; maybe more. The point is, I DON'T CARE. I'm considering leaving it there as a "gift" for the new owners. (We received similar "gifts" from the previous owner of this house, though they are definitely less considerate and certainly weirder than a scale.)
  • In related news, I am still kicking (my own) butt at CrossFit. And I feel awesome.
  • I am researching getting a dog (or a puppy). And I am surprised to find myself wanting to get one RIGHT NOW and sad that we'll have to wait a few more months if we want to do it right. And I do. 
  • I want to go to the beach this summer (before we get said dog). Should we go to the Atlantic in Georgia or the Gulf in Florida? 
  • Finally, whenever I try to contemplate the enormity of the things I need to accomplish over the next two months, my mind starts to drift and all I want to do is stare out the window at the pretty flowers that someone planted that I will one day annihilate out of ignorance and/or neglect. 
  • But then I remember that we will get through it one task at a time. I find that if I approach these enormous overwhelming tasks in WOD-fashion, it helps. Just get through the next set of whatever,  chip away at it little by little, until the timer goes off or you melt into a puddle of sweat or you finally only own one house or what-have-you. The important thing to remember is that we will all live through this.

That is all.


Kelly McNulty Valenzuela said...

Those are azaleas and they bloom every spring. I think they're pretty easy to take care of and I'm certain there are a ton of websites about them. They're all over the place in Houston and my parents have always had them in their yard. Unfortunately, we cannot grow them here in Colorado and they're lovely.

Happy Elf Mom said...

Azaleas! I knew 'em right away. In the south they do well but here it's pretty borderline and mine died. I grew them just fine in Florida though, so it isn't me...


Hanah said...

Another great prank is to go on the Post Office website and stop someone's mail delivery.

Lisa said...

My husband is an electrician. Owns his own company and has 25+ yrs of experience in residential and commercial. Let me know if you are interested.