Friday, May 04, 2012

An Announcement about the Objectivist Round Up

I just posted this note to OBloggers and the Objectivist Round Up Facebook page:

Hi everyone!

I have been proud and happy to manage the Objectivist Round Up for nearly five years. As you may know, Kim McNeill got the carnival started and I have been managing it since about the tenth edition. It has been, I think, a general success and a fun activism project.

The carnival got started before Facebook really took off and before Twitter even existed (I think). The carnival model of swapping blog posts and hosting was a very effective means of getting more blog traffic and getting to know other bloggers who had shared interests. However, I think blogging has changed quite a bit since the advent of FB and Twitter (and other social networking sites, too).  You may have noticed this, too--less traffic in blog comments and more on FB, etc. 

I've been pondering how this has affected the Objectivist Round Up for the last year or so, and contemplating where it should go. Participation has dropped off dramatically (I've noticed this is true for the other carnivals I read and participate in as well), and because it's super easy to share blog posts and other items of interest via social networking platforms, I believe that the carnival model of blog post "magazines" is less effective and necessary than it was a few years ago. 

And on a personal level, I have more activism projects (and an extra kid) than I did five years ago that I would like to devote my time to. 

So I have decided to retire the Objectivist Round Up effective July 19, 2012, the fifth anniversary of its inception. I think five years of nearly weekly editions is a really good run, and I like the idea of wrapping this project up deliberately rather than letting it fall by the wayside.

We will still have records and links to past editions at Blog Carnival (though if someone could help me compile those links elsewhere in anticipation of Blog Carnival's inevitable demise, I would appreciate it very much). I will keep the Facebook page up, too.

You can see there are still hosting dates available between now and then (, so if you want to host one last time, please send me an email!

If someone else is interested in picking up the ORU (or doing a new version of it), let me know. I highly recommend starting fresh, though, and to not use the Blog Carnival platform, which we all know and hate. 

Thanks to all of you who participated, hosted, shared links, gave us a Like on FB, etc. It has been a truly fun project and I'm happy to have met so many of my fellow Objectivist bloggers because of it. It's been a great project, and I'm really proud of what we've accomplished.



Diana Hsieh said...

Thanks so much for all you work over these last five years, Jenn!

patrick said...

I too wish to thank you and all of the participants. I will miss this round-up.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I have enjoyed the Objectivist Round Up for most of the time that it has been around, although I have never qualified to host or post. I do look at it every week, and I will miss it! However, I agree that blogging in general has changed since Facebook and Twitter took off a few years ago, and I understand why you are making the choice to end the Round Up deliberately rather than letting it fade away! But I will miss checking each week!