Thursday, May 24, 2012

Objectivist Round Up #253

Welcome to the May 24, 2012 edition of the Objectivist Round Up!

Another short and sweet edition this week, as I have been busy and distracted by preparing for ATLOSCon 2012 (not too late to register!), the third conference of the Atlanta Objectivist Society. Our conferences are a lot of work for many people, but they are SO worth putting on because it brings people who share a love of Ayn Rand's ideas together for a weekend of learning, thinking, and celebrating life on earth.

We truly have a wonderful group of people here in Atlanta, and I am happy to know each member of ATLOS. And I think it is simply fantastic that so many people from outside of Atlanta are willing and able to join us and contribute to our conference. It makes the experience so much richer and enjoyable.

One of the talks I'm doing this year is about our group and how we got started and how we do things. I am very much looking forward to that, and I love swapping ideas with other community group leaders for making our groups vibrant and dynamic and fun and effective. I'm also doing a couple of Positive Discipline-related classes with my partner-in-crime Kelly (always good times!), and participating on a panel talk about fitness (representing Team CrossFit!). And I am attending many wonderful classes myself--I can't wait to learn about classic cocktails! Ryan and Morgan will be attending a couple of classes, and Brendan is going to create and destroy an economy in his two-part class this year.

We are hosting a wine and cheese tasting event at our house, going rock climbing as a family, hosting the BIG party here on Saturday night, hosting Diana's webcast on Sunday morning, "Kid Central" (aka babysitting) during all of the classes, and SEVEN house guests! I'm particularly excited about the special CrossFit workout on Sunday morning with about 16 other people. Yes, that many people signed up to wake up early on Sunday (after the party the night before, mind you!) to go to CrossFit Kennesaw (Gym of Awesome!) to go through some kind of semi-evil team WOD. LOVE IT.

And this is just a taste of what my personal ATLOSCon 2012 experience will be like! There are so many options that the things I'm doing and participating in are but a small portion of what we offer. I can't wait to hear about the experiences of our other attendees and speakers. Each will have a very unique ATLOSCon experience, and that is a wonderful thing to behold.

Whether or not you're joining us in Atlanta this weekend, I wish you a wonderful weekend of living your life on earth! And if you get a chance to attend a regional mini-conference or OCON, please do. Surrounding yourself with others who share your values and passions--there really is no substitute for such an enriching experience!

And now, on to the carnival . . .

Santiago and Kelly Valenzuela presents Image of the Week posted at Mother of Exiles, saying, "I feature an Image of the Week every week, but this week, please click through to see all the images. Every American should know what our government is doing to violate the rights of literally tens of thousands of people, if not more."

Paul Hsieh presents Dr. Orwell Will See You Now posted at We Stand FIRM, saying, "My latest PJM OpEd discusses the latest Orwellian attempts to use deceptive language to sell ObamaCare to voters."

Diana Hsieh presents High Heels and Sex Appeal posted at Philosophy in Action, saying, "I don't think that routine wearing of high heels is in a woman's self-intrest, and here's why not."

C.W. presents Comments on Richard Salsman Review of Objective Economics by Northrup Buechner posted at Krazy Economy, saying, "Richard Salsman reviewed Northrup Buechner's book, Objective Economics. It was a very odd review and not what I would expect to see in terms of content or method. Here are my comments."

Earl Parson presents A Little Pre-Summer Interlude posted at Creatures of Prometheus, saying, "Determined not to let the silence on my blog slide on though the summer, I have posted an interactive panoramic photo I took last summer of some highrise buildings in Chicago's Loop while I was there visiting my sister. Hope your summer is getting off to a good start!"

Darius Cooper presents The options for Greece and the Euro posted at Practice Good Theory, saying, "I list the options facing Greece and the Euro"

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