Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's What

No I haven't fallen off the earth. Or the internet. It's okay, breathe that sigh of relief!

Speaking of breathing, it's sort of breathtaking to consider that ATLOSCon ended only two weeks ago, and since then, I've taken a road trip solo with my kids, had out-of-town guests here at home for a few days, PR'd the heck out of some lifts (and other things) at CrossFit, and have been working working working working.

We are in the process of finalizing the details for lease-purchasing our old house to some folks, as well as getting the rest of our crap stuff out of the old house. So that's been taking up some time. And since the cabin apparently feels neglected, there have been "surprises" popping up with that house that I've needed to attend to. Here's how I can sum up my life at the moment: Brendan and I own about two houses too many. :)

I do plan to return and blog more regularly, but first I've got to get these house situations settled, and also get things ready for Sean's birthday party this weekend, Father's Day, ATLOS June Happy Hour, Sean's actual birthday, and a quick trip to the beach with some friends. Even so, I have a couple of blog posts percolating around in my head that I hope I will get finished later this week.

July. July is when I will have lots and lots of time to do some Nothing.

I love my exciting life, but I have to admit that I'm really ready for a break in the action. :)

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