Saturday, October 13, 2012

What I've been up to on my Blog Hiatus

I still think about blogging. A lot.

I even have a couple of posts half-composed in my head.

Still a bit short on time though, since I've been having so many fun and wonderful adventures in the last six weeks or so.

For example, I did this:

And I'll be doing more with that very, very soon.



Katie Davis said...

That's awesome, Jenn! Congratulations!

Amy said...

My blog life is in a similar state, although, as you know, I've started up again. But I don't even read blogs anymore. But today I thought, "I miss Rational Jenn. Not just Jenn, but bloggy-Jenn. I wonder if she's written anything lately." So I came to visit and found this little post, and it felt symbolic of how our lives have been so similar lately, and it was nice. Now I just hope that my real-life will mirror yours and I'll be able to emerge from the horribleness and have a good finish to the year. It seems like CrossFit has really helped you stay centered through everything you've gone through. I can't do CrossFit right now, but I've figured out a few exercises I can do in a cast to get a head start on physical therapy, and it really does feel good because it's about the only thing I'm doing right now that is working towards something, instead of just surviving. Thanks for the inspiration!

Holly said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and am thoroughly enjoying it :o) I am taking a hiatis at my blog as well,

I actually found your blog through a comment you left on something years ago about your ACS survey, as I am looking up info on refusing it as we just recieved ours :o/

I was wondering....what ever happened with it? Did they pressure you or cause problems?

Again, happy you are having such a great break! :o)