Sunday, September 22, 2013

Interview: Life with Food Allergies

Oh yes, I'm still here! Busy busy busy busy, and one of the things I'm busy doing is that I will be interviewed about our life with Ryan and his severe food allergy. Here's the info:

 On Wednesday evening, philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh will interview me about "Living Safely with Food Allergies" on her live internet radio show, Philosophy in Action. This episode of internet radio airs at 6 pm PT / 7 MT / 8 CT / 9 ET on Wednesday, 25 September 2013, in the live studio. If you miss that live broadcast, you can listen to the podcast later. Here's a bit more about the show:
Many Americans have food allergies to common foods such as peanuts, dairy, and eggs. Some of those allergies are so serious as to be life-threatening. Jenn Casey's son has a life-threatening peanut allergy, diagnosed when he was a toddler. What must people diagnosed with such allergies do to protect themselves from accidental ingestion? How can parents keep their children with such allergies safe? How should other people in their lives – such as family, friends, and teachers – do to protect them from harm? What should schools, clubs, and other organizations do?
To join the live broadcast and its chat, just point your browser to Philosophy in Action's Live Studio a few minutes before the show is scheduled to start. By listening live, you can share your thoughts with other listeners and ask follow-up questions in the text chat. If you miss the live broadcast, you'll find the podcast from the episode posted in the archive: Radio Archive: 25 September 2013. For more about Philosophy in Action Radio, visit the Episodes on Tap and Show Archives.

I hope you can tune in and catch the live show and chat! I am very excited to be doing this, and doing my part to raise awareness and do some education about food allergies.

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