Sunday, August 24, 2014


I wrote this on Facebook the other day, and tonight it occurred to me that this might be the thing of which I am most proud recently:

My friend Diana just posted something that reminded me I wanted to share a recent success in my dual quests to defeat the Perfectionism Monster and be a badass kettlebell lifter.

I did a short snatch test (snicker) the other day and was initially unimpressed with my results. Got a few more reps than previous attempts, but overall, was pretty disappointed in my progress in 16kg snatch since March.

The PM started whispering and I consciously decided to tell it to shut up, enjoy the fact that minute, unimpressive progress is still, you know, progress.

I found all the positives I could in that set (higher RPM than normal, excellent breathing technique, didn't want to die until the last few reps on each hand compared to previous wanting-to-die feeling for the entire last full minute on each side).

I remembered that "deliberate practice" (as discussed in the book I'm currently listening to, Talent is Overrated) takes time and dedication and also feels pretty sucky while doing it. So far, this is my main takeaway from this book: deliberate practice is really really painful. As I am choosing to pursue this sport right now, I am choosing to endure the pain and I am learning to trust the process, that I will reach my goals sooner or later. As it happens, maybe it really be a LOT later than I initially thought, but the only person who cares about this fictitious timeline is me, and I think I care less than I thought I did.

And so, with relative peace of mind, I have managed to forget all about this "defeat" I suffered until just a little while ago, and looking back on it, I realize I view that training session as an overall success.

This is me, growing as a person here.

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