Friday, November 20, 2015

The 5 Years Ago Exercise, Part 2

Two years ago, on the eve of my 43rd birthday, I wrote this post.  In it, I looked back on snapshots of my life going back in time every 5 years.

And now, on the eve of 45, I am in the mood to do the same.

Today, I'm living in the woods (of suburbia) with my family, in an old house called Wildhaven. We still haven't fixed it up yet, because we still own our other house. So we are fixing up THAT house and hoping to get it on the market very soon. We love Wildhaven, and I will love it better when it isn't so drafty and the kitchen is updated. My kids are 13, 10, and 7. We are leaving the eye of the parenting hurricane (where everyone is potty trained and nobody is a hormonal preteen/teen) and reentering the storm. The next few years are going to be interesting! We have one dog who is 3 years old, and zero cats.

I am a homeschooling mom, but most of my teaching is aimed at other people's children. I teach classes at our homeschool group, and this semester I've got CrossFit Kids, SOLE, High School Economics (two sections) and am advising the Stock Market Game teams. I also each CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Kennesaw and coach a regular shift of CF classes with the big kids about once a week. I love all the fitness stuff and have recently decided that this is the direction I want to keep moving in, particularly in the realm of kettlebells and kettlebell sport. I just completed my 7th kettlebell sport competition last week, which we hosted at CFK, and earlier this year I accidentally made Rank 1 in Biathlon at The Arnold. I'm a little bit obsessed with kettlebells and currently I own at least 11 competition bells and half a dozen or so "baby" bells.

Five years ago, I celebrated my 40th birthday by going to the wedding of two friends, and then afterwards out to a bar where lots of people cheered and I drank a beer. It was awesome. The kids were 8, 5, and 2, we had zero dogs and one ancient cat. We were just about to enter the eye of the parenting hurricane (where everyone is potty trained and nobody is a hormonal preteen/teen). As far as we knew, we'd be living in that house forever. I was a homeschooling mom, and my older kids had begun to take classes at our homeschool group. I thought "maybe, someday" I might teach ONE class there, when the toddler was big enough to take in his own class. I had just started CrossFit at CFK a few months prior, and was beginning to work up the nerve to attend classes more than twice a week. I already felt a gazillion times better and younger, having dropped about 45 pounds earlier in the year, and I was eager to learn how to be stronger and not get hurt in the process.

Five years before that, I was 35. I had a 3.5 year old and an 8 month old, and two cats. And boy did I EVER have a 3.5 year old! I still can't believe we all weathered THAT parenting hurricane, and now here we are again. :) We spent Thanksgiving that year in Asheville, NC with family, and Brendan and I got to see whatever Harry Potter movie was coming out that year. (That 8 month old baby is planning a Harry Potter birthday party for 2016.) Also, we were probably done having kids, since we had a boy and a girl, and had recently begun to reach out to other local homeschoolers to try to make First Contact. We still are friends with many of those people today. We started thinking about investment opportunities around this time, and I began looking into how to buy property in North Georgia, just for fun. And we owned Red Top Software still. (Entrepreneurial adventures just seem to happen to us.) I had a better level of fitness because toddlers.

Five years before that just before my 30th birthday, I was on the cusp of quitting my last "real" job, for no other reason than I refused to work for an emotionally unstable boss. We'd been living in our house for a couple of years, and had so much extra room we hardly knew what to do with ourselves. We had no kids except for the cats, but in the back of my mind, I thought "maybe, someday, you know, just one." Still, I planned to go find another job after the new year, because just "staying" at home and doing "nothing" was SO not for me. Type 1 diabetes, 9/11, children, and food allergies were still all in the future for us. And a life of fitness was not even on my radar either. Though I was beginning to notice that I hated walking up stairs and avoided them if I could.

Five years before that, I was 25. We had just gotten married and were NEVER going to have kids. I was working in a better job than the one I had secured when we first moved to Atlanta. I was a data processor for a health information company, dreaming of a time when I could hit the Big Time, and be a Vice President of something, with an office and people to manage. I couldn't imagine anything more fun. Brendan had his first programming job. We had one cat, and one had just suddenly died and we were pretty traumatized that we couldn't imagine getting another one ever. I drove a crappy car still, and we lived in an apartment just inside 285 (the famous/infamous Riverbend) and we had more free time than we could possibly ever appreciate.

And going back five more years, I was a sophomore in college, with no idea of what lay before me and only the vaguest idea of what I might want to do with my life.

Part of me wants to go back to my college self and just look at her and say "YOU. JUST. WAIT."

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