Objectivist Round Up

The Objectivist Round Up is a weekly compilation of blog posts by bloggers who are Objectivists, meaning they accept the ideas of Objectivism and are actively trying to live their lives according to the principles. The posts can be on any topic, and need not be philosophical in nature.

Here is the description of the carnival as is posted at Blog Carnival:

This carnival accepts original posts from Objectivist bloggers on any topic. Please note that this does NOT mean that all posts that may be of interest to Objectivists are automatically accepted--the standard for participation in this carnival is whether the author is an Objectivist, meaning that the blogger is an individual who is actively trying to apply the principles of Objectivism to his own life. Posts are not accepted from non-Objectivist authors (this includes Libertarians). If the host is unsure of your stance on Objectivism, you may be contacted to clarify your thinking. The ultimate decision about whether to include a post or not is up to the discretion of the weekly host and/or administrator of the carnival. The carnival is published every Thursday (the deadline is Wednesday).

Submissions are accepted through 11:00 pm Eastern Time every Wednesday. The edition is posted sometime during the next day. Posts not received by the deadline automatically transfer to the next edition. To send in a post to the carnival, click here.

Each week the carnival is hosted by a different Objectivist blogger. If you are interested in hosting, please contact me at rationaljenn@gmail.com and we'll set up a date for you to host. (At some later date, I'll post some hosting guidelines to this page.)

As manager of the carnival, my role is to:
  • Schedule each edition of the carnival and find hosts.
  • Find substitute hosts as necessary.
  • Teach new hosts about the hosting process.
  • Set guidelines for submission.
  • Communicate with submitters in the event their post was rejected from the carnival.
  • Update Blog Carnival with the current edition of the Round Up.
  • Answer questions about the carnival.

As a participant of the carnival, your role is to:
  • Send in a post, every week if possible!
  • Make your readers aware of the carnival by linking to the current edition.
  • Make everyone else you know aware of the carnival.

As a reader of the carnival, your role is to:
  • Enjoy reading our wonderfully thoughtful and amazing posts!
  • Let your friends and family and coworkers, etc. know about the carnival.

We appreciate it very much when people take the time to link, tweet, share the carnival on Facebook, etc. This is such an important tool for activism.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please drop me a line!

Below you'll find the most recent carnival information: