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Parenting with Objectivist Principles July 2007
Parenting with Objectivist Principles: Honesty August 2007
Parenting Independent Kids October 2007
Free Children May 2008
Do the Right Thing September 2008
He Amazes Me Again September 2008
Independence and Food Allergies November 2008
On Lying December 2008
Find the Funny December 2008
Another Thought (or Two) on Lying December 2008
The Goal . . . December 2008
Parenting Advice from Orville Wright January 2009
On Positive Discipline January 2009
Positive Discipline and Rational Self-Interest January 2009
Positive Discipline Resources January 2009
Belts and Trophies January 2009
Positive Discipline and the Trader Principle January 2009
Positive Discipline: What's in your Parenting Toolbox? February 2009
On Siblings February 2009
The Value of Play February 2009
Another Thought about Siblings and Fairness February 2009
The Art of War for Parents February 2009
More on Choosing Battles February 2009
Emotions February 2009
Kids and Money March 2009
On Staying out of the Way March 2009
Kids Handling Conflict March 2009
A Thought about the Mommy Wars March 2009
Discipline without Punishment March 2009
This Will be Funny One Day, Right? RIGHT?!?!?! April 2009
Positive Discipline from Day One April 2009
More about Babies and Siblings April 2009
The One about Potty Training April 2009
Tough Choices April 2009
The One about Bedtime May 2009
Define Your Terms May 2009
More from Montessori May 2009
Keeping Kids Safe May 2009
On Food and Freedom May 2009
On Children, Television, and Freedom in General May 2009
Sunday Parenting Round Up (Plus Bonus Ramblings!) May 2009
Tantrums and Whining and Tattling, Oh My! June 2009
More Problem-Solving with the Kids June 2009
The Toddler: A Case Study July 2009
Some Days I Struggle July 2009
Just Ask! July 2009
The Juggle Struggle July 2009
Limiting Myself July 2009
PD: One Word July 2009
A Conversation about Integrity July 2009
A Quick Positive Discipline Example August 2009
PD Tool: Encouragement versus Praise August 2009
Encouragement versus Praise Update August 2009
PD Tool: Sense of Humor August 2009
Even More Praise vs Encouragement August 2009
Sense of Humor Update August 2009
PD Tool: Curiosity Questions August 2009
Working Hard Like Peopleguys, Part 1 August 2009
Working Hard Like Peopleguys, Part 2 August 2009
PD Tool Card: Back Talk September 2009
More About Back Talk September 2009
On "Because I Said So!" September 2009
PD Tool Cards: Take Time for Training and Jobs September 2009
Mythbusting: Ayn Rand, Mommies, and Children September 2009
Take Time for Training and Jobs Update September 2009
PD Tool Card: Letting Go September 2009
On Evasion September 2009
An Anti-Evasion Story September 2009
Tool Card Update: Letting Go October 2009
Sixteen Months October 2009
PD Tool Card: Hugs October 2009
Hugs Update: Moderate Success October 2009
Fears October 2009
More from Ayn Rand about Childhood October 2009
On Children, Parents, and the Use of Force November 2009
PD Tool Card: Connection before Correction November 2009
Non-Punitive Discipline Keeps Me  Honest November 2009
PD Tool Card: Mirror November 2009
Discipline Without Rewards December 2009
On Manners December 2009
Recent Adventures in Negotiations and Optional Values January 2010
Parenting a Perfectionist January 2010
Parenting Through Literature January 2010
Old Enough to Know Better January 2010
Two Things January 2010
The X Factor in Parenting February 2010
"Go to your room!" PD or Not? February 2010
On Free Time and Benign Neglect March 2010
Interesting TED Talk on Motivation March 2010
PD Tool Card: Family Meetings March 2010
On Kids and Extracurricular Activities March 2010
PD Tool Card: Family Meetings Update March 2010
Parenting and Homeschooling: Most Definitely NOT a Sacrifice! April 2010
PD Tool Card: Family Meeting, uh, Conference Update April 2010
PD Tool Card: Family CONFERENCE Update! April 2010
Unearned Guilt and the Mommy Wars April 2010
More Parenting Through Literature April 2010
PD Tool Card: Another Family Conference Update April 2010
The One about the Fight April 2010
Homeschooling a Gifted Kid? You're Selfish! April 2010
On My Way to Certification! May 2010 (My Letter of Intent to the Positive Discipline Association)
PD Tool Card: Wheel of Choice Update May 2010
Assume Positive Intent: Another View May 2010
Temperament in Pictures May 2010
Kids and Money Update May 2010
Creative Projects and a Big Step Toward Independence June 2010
Parents and Kids and Money June 2010
Other People's Kids June 2010
Grocery Store Math July 2010
Getting Trickier July 2010

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Freedom from the Feds February 2008